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Are you or your organization planning a conference, seminar, staff incentive program or participating in an exhibition? Talk to us. Ashok Tours is a specialist in arranging Business Tour & MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) Management Company armed with the experience and resources to handle these events to a dot. We can get your Dubai hotel bookings done and assist you with car rentals efficiently.

Other interesting services our travel company has to offer organizations and bussiness groups are exciting city tours. The Arabian adventure we organize for company groups are exhilarating and exotic to say the least.

For an even memorable experience, your organization can opt for some sightseeing in via a dhow cruise in or a safari tour in. Whichever activities you would like to indulge in for a MICE in Dubai, we can provide you with an appealing package.


Ashok Tours has hosted every type of business meetings and the ease and convenience you will experience at our venues is unparelleled. Dedicated teams of professionals in MICE in Dubai combine their efficiency and administative expertise with a bussiness requirements making for a very satisfactory and organized meet schedule and program.

  • Venue Selection                                                               
  • As per your business and budget requirements, the Ashok Tours team will provide you a varied choice of venues.
  • Meet & Greet Service
  • On arrival at the airport and at the venue, the Ashok Tours team will be present to welcome meeting at.
  • Transfers
  • During the course of the event, the Ashok Tours team will ensure that all transfers be it from the airport, venues or from thelodging sites, are done on time.
  • Activities
  • Ashok Tours also facilities with pre/post-event Dubai City Tours, camel Safari in Dubai, Dhow Cruises and even team building activities. Dinner or cocktail parties with entertainment can be arranged as well.


Adventure Tours Ashok Tours incentive Tours Division offers a wide - ranging choice of corporate incentive packages for company executives, dealers etc. Through meticulously planned and operated tours and events.

  • Destination Selection
  • Be it an Arabian adventure, fun filled Dubai City Tours or a special interest tour, Ashok Tours experience team will provide you with an assorted selection of destination as per your budget and desires.
  • Air Tickets
  • Ashok Tours organizes and arranges for air tickets from/to any destination in the world and provides meet and greet services at the airports as well as the venue.  
  • Transfers 
  • Whether it is by coach, limosine or a helicopter, Ashok Tours ensures all transfers from airports, venus or loading sites are completed on time.
  • Excursions & Team building Activities
  • Tour Packages for sightseeing in Dubai and even internationally include city tours, safaris, luxury cruises and special interest trips, Whatever the scenery you are looking at, Ashok Tours can organize a teambuilding activity for your organization or firm.
  • Party Planning
  • The Ashok Tours team can suggest a wide choice of venues, entertaines and party themes as per your budgets. We can make your corporate dinners, cocktail parties and staff annual parties truly memorable.


Cruising Tours We at Ashok Tours are professionals at organizing Mice in Dubai and are capable of provding businesses with an extensive choice of venues in any part of the globe. You choose the venue and our experts will execute all the logistics to ensure a smooth and unforgettable conference.

  • Destination and Venue selection
  • The experienced Ashok Tours team can provide you with a choice of destinations as per your budget and desires.
  • Air Tickets
  • Ashok Tours can organize for your delegates flight tickets from/to any destination in the world as well as provide meet and greet services at the airport as well as the venue.
  • Transfers
  • Whether it is by coach, limosine or a helicopter, Ashok Tours ensures all transfers from airports, venus or loading sites are completed on time.
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Ashok Tours can suggest and arrange from a selective choice of hotels for your delegates and ensure that all rooms are comfortable for your delegates. A hotel booking in U.A.E. can be done at your behest at any time of the day.
  • Registration & Hospitality Desk
  • The courteous staff at Ashok Tours handles attendee registrations, collect data as per your requirements and can even assist delegates during the course of the event with any information necessary.
  • Conference Management
  • Ashok Tours can provide all aspects of support from maps, equipment rentals and extra light fittings to hiring professionals like photographers, event organizers etc.
  • Excursions
  • The Ashok Tours team can organize pre/post-sightseeing tours and can even arrange for team building activities to thedestination of your choice. We have numerous, fun-filled Dubai Tour Packages to make your visit more interesting.
  • Reception & Parties
  • Ashok Tours has organized some of the most splendid dinner and cocktail parties at various times for business groups. We can suggest a variety of venues, entertainers and themes for your business galas or corporate parties at any luxury hotel in Dubai.


Dubai Fun Tours Dubai. Businesses always want their products launched and corporate parties conducted in relaxing settings. Ashok Tours can organoize such events for a bussiness at locations like mountains, deserts, islands, cruise lounges and even a traditional hotel.

  • Venue Selection
  • On the type of event you are looking at, the Ashok Tours team can suggest a range of lovely venues and settings.
  • Meet & Greet Service
  • Great hospitality is one of the best things you will experience at a Ashok Tours event and our courteous staff is impeccable when it comes to welcoming invitees.
  • Transfers
  • Ashok Tours ensures all transfers from airports, ventures or loading sites are completed on time so that your guests do not have to experience any inconvenience and discomfort.
  • Receptions & Parties
  • Ashok Tours has an extensive portfolio where entertainers and social gatherings are concerned. Your gropu will have nothing but the best when it comes to entertainment and social affairs organized by our Dubai travel company.